Thank You Letter Template

How to Write a Thank-you Letter?

Thank you letter template can be used for the purpose of sending your sincere thanks to the person, organization or donors; in response to their givings or generosity towards you.

If you were granted a scholarship, job or a gift then make sure to write a thank you letter to your scholarship committee or donors or the relevant person and here you can find a thank you letter template to get an idea. This thank you letter template will assist you in writing a touching thank you letter. You are advised to use your own words and make it unique and original instead of reusing the following thankyou letter template.

Thankyou Letter Template

[Mr. / Mrs. Name and Surname of the donor or Name of the donor organization],
[Name of the scholarship],

Dear [Name of donor or Name of organization],

First paragraph: Purpose of the letter

It will include information that you thank them and then go ahead to give your thanks in a few words.


I would like to to thank you for your generous [Name of Scholarship]. I was delighted and grateful to learn that I was selected as the beneficiary of your scholarship.

The second paragraph:

In the second paragraph, you should explain a little about yourself and tell why the scholarship is essential or how it will affect your future.


I’m in my second year with a degree in Mathematics, and my GPA is 4. Eighty-three. I have completed 40 credit hours in courses as a student in the last two years. I have found myself closer to my goals with this scholarship program.

Third Paragraph:

In the third paragraph, you should thank them again for their money, and promising that you will do well, with a scholarship that has been granted and use it wisely to further your education.


By granting me the [Scholarship Name], you have reduced my financial burden, which allows me to concentrate more on my education. I will finish my studies with a grateful heart and will use all my  energies to achieve my goals

[Sign your Name],
[Enter your Name],
[Your Address],
[City, State, Zip].


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