Turk Science and Engineering internship program – 2020

Internship Program in Turkey

The Turk fully-funded Science and Engineering internship program for 2020 session invites applications from international undergrad and master degree program students to work in our organization in Turkey from January to May 2020. Internship winners will receive full funding for their travel, accommodation and living expenses during their stay in Turkey for this internship. There is no application fee to apply for Turk science and engineering internship program.

Applications for the winter internship program now open

We are offering 8-12 weeks internship program in the winter holidays. It is a paid internship program for enthusiastic, growing, and competent people. Students enrolled in Bachelors degree or master degree programs can apply for this internship program.

We are offering many jobs to passionate and ambitious people in our organization through this internship. Moreover, this internship program can lead you to many other career opportunities as well. This internship can help you to get more practical knowledge of your field.

We are offering you the opportunity to support our vision by supporting us to develop the Turkey education system. Our purpose is to produce skilled people and leaders to help and strength our community.

Early childhood, Tertiary and infrastructure are the main areas of the education system of a country and the goal of our organization is to level it up. The vision of the Ministry of Education through this internship program is to build a more improved and robust education system in Turkey.

Career opportunities after taking this internship?

We need skills, and our job is to brighten those skills. Your skillset and frame of mind can direct you in many career opportunities in the organization. We are offering jobs in our education system so you may support students in the future.

You have many career opportunities, like teaching and administration. You can grasp a career as a policy advisor to help us shape the policy for our education system. You can encourage students as an Educational Psychologist. You have various opportunities like,

  • Managing  many I.T. projects
  • Finance, and many more.

Whatever career you choose, you will get a lot of experience in your journey.

Internship Coverage

  • 21 days of full-time work in our partner industries and management offices
  • Daily living allowance of USD 45
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Return flight ticket
  • VISA and arrival assistance

Internship Eligibility Requirement

The international students enrolled in the undergrad or master degree courses are eligible to apply for the Turk Internship program if they meet the following requirements:

  • If you have graduated or studying in a University (equivalent to undergrad or grad level)
  • CGPA 3+ or 70% marks in all the previous semesters
  • Proof of Proficiency in the English language
  • Age of the candidates must be under 30
  • Students in the final year or final semester will be given preference
  • If you have a great desire to build a better education system in Turkey.
  • If you are a team player and love to cooperate and communicate.
  • You must be willing to live in Turkey.

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

People with different academic backgrounds can apply for this program.

There is a broad range of fields like;

  • Māori Studies,
  • economics
  • science
  • engineering
  • law
  • commerce
  • international studies
  • politics and many more

Start your application here

The Turk 2020 internship application form must be filled in with valid candidature information and then Submit the applications to this email address before December 20, 2019: [email protected]

The selected candidates will be approached in the first half of January 2020 for interviews and the internship will begin from February 2020. Please make sure to have the following documents if you get selected for the internship.

  • Valid Student Card
  • Valid Passport with over 6 months of the expiry
  • Latest transcripts
  • Proof of English taught program
  • Foreigner physical examination reports
  • Letter of intent

At the end of the internship, all the candidates will be required to submit a detailed internship report that will be evaluated by our committee members to announce the candidates for our next 1-3 months of HR program for permanent placements.

Turk Internship Application Form Download

Who are we?

Are you excited and looking forward to helping us shape the future of Turkey through education? Our organization has more than 3000 skilled and committed people. These talented people belong to different cultures and sharing their knowledge to help build a better future of Turkey

We have different fields in our program for different skills and talents. Our organization is based in 38 location throughout the country. The Ministry of education in Turkey is trying to shape the direction of the education system by providing opportunities to skilled people in the country.

What do we do?

The Ministry of education in Turkey is making the pathway for a better education system. The organization is helping the educational institutes to accomplish its goals in education as well as providing the talent to the industries. We design knowledge to maximize and equilibrium its attributes.

Why should you start your career with us?

All we need is young talented people, with a strong commitment to their future career. We want to shape your future, and that will help us to shape the future of education in Turkey.

Our mission is to give high-quality education opportunities that will lead to positive transformational changes all over the country. It does not matter what your career goals are; our organization will support you with a solid foundation of skills to brighten your professional career. Our purpose is to provide you an active and learning environment that supports your wellbeing and advancement.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for you if you are one of them who wants to shape the future of the education system. We are looking for you if you are willing to contribute and a dedicated citizen to strengthen the community. If you are a person of worth, your grades are not everything we consider. If you have the audacity and confidence to influence, we are looking for you. We welcome all young and talented people from different academic backgrounds. We welcome you in our program, and If you have the ability to learn, you can join us to help us shape the future of education.

Want to make a difference through education in Turkey?

Large public sector organizations are looking for skilled and enthusiastic people. We can help you get your professional career started. The Ministry of education is looking forward to encouraging young and committed people by providing internship opportunities. An internship can help you start your professional career in your chosen field. It will add experience, more skills, and knowledge. There are many opportunities in different areas throughout the organization. We desire to support you gain more experience and expertise.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

If you are up for this challenge, then this career opportunity might be right for you. We are offering a well structured 1-3 month development program as well after the completion of the internship. Through this program, you will be genuinely contributing to our organization work. By applying to this opportunity, you have the fortune to help and support the educational success of every Turk national.

This 1-3 month development program will cover rotation between policy teams and education subject areas, and ends in a permanent position and a competitive salary.

What can you expect?

If you are a successful applicant, you can expect a permanent job. You might be working on contributing and giving ideas to the future of the education system.

Where can I expect to be based?

If you are a successful applicant of this program, you will be based in Istanbul, Turkey.

When can I apply?

You can apply for this internship program until December 20, 2019.


To promote education in Turkey, sharing the realistic statistics about education in Turkey, the author started writing to share the real stories of the students studying in Turkey Scholarships and paid enrollments.


    1. The form is available in the above call letter. As an alternative, you can use this form to fill in and send it to the email address mentioned in the call letter above.

      1. Any updates regarding the outcomes? Have you started sending emails to the selected candidates??
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    May İ know whether if this scholarship/internship is available for internship on september 2020- january 2021?

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  4. Dears, I am a professional fellow at Loyola University in Chicago and have recently completed my Masters Degree at Al Azhar University in Egypt. I am also a certified teacher from Cambridge University and a certified Parenting Instructor.
    I am passionate about joining this internship but I am 36 years old so can I still apply?

  5. İt may be too late, but I am very eager to apply for this program and I have very good ideas so can I apply from now on or it’s finished and on the hand, I am in turkey especially in Istanbul.

  6. Any updates regarding the outcomes? Have you started sending emails to the selected candidates??
    Please respond

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