Language information

Using the phones that you bring from your homeland will be expensive in Turkey. Phone cards and payphones can be purchased from the airport after consulting airport personnel. The phone cards that can be purchased from PTT branches at the airport include Yurtkart, Alo Plus card, IPC, TTM, and VIP card. A more affordable option is using mobile phone operators like Turkcell, Türk Telekom, and Vodafone. After selecting the mobile phone operator to select a plan or use prepaid services. more information can be obtained from mobile phone operator websites. After updating phone number update your contact information on TBBS.

Turkish Language Literacy Information

Yunus Emre Institute is known to spread knowledge about Turkish language, culture, and history worldwide since 2009. Active cultural centers and a website is known as Turkish Eduavction Portal introduce the Turkish language to people of all nationalities, age, and color. The step by step and easy guide to the Turkish language are provided by Turkish Education Portal that is most convenient for scholarship winners to learn the Turkish language. The services are good enough to make a person learn common phrases for daily life conversations and make him ready to start advance level Turkish Preparation Course.

For the scholarship winners, the program sign up is free. The login information is delivered via Email that can be changed after the first login. after logging in don’t forget to watch the introductory video that also introduces to the needs of visiting the country.


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