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Speed Reading

Speed Reading is recognized as reading without vocalizing the words. The speed reading techniques help a person to improve the reading time drastically and there are many ways to do it.

Following are the list of speed reading techniques to help you to read speedily:

  • Speed-reading involves the eyes

The most basic activity in being able to read is that you can be able to see. The concern of how people are able to see the words they read is one that has long stood. Before the 19th century, people alluded that reading is only achievable if one word is tackled at a time. It is possible to read multiple words at once especially when you are reading familiar words.

Being able to read multiple words at once is a sign that your eye vision is great and that it is improving.  When you have great eye vision, you will not only be able to read faster words that are in a sentence but as well as those that are horizontal. Speed readers do not only have the ability to read many words at once but they are also able to understand the words that are in two or three sentences.

  • Silent reading is speed reading

When you read, you have an instant impulse to get out the words that you read. You can say the words out either by speaking aloud or to say them silently in your mind. When one is a beginner reader, they are advised by the teacher, coach or tutor to read out the letters aloud. This is done to help one to sound out the letters in a perfect combination.

There is however one challenge that comes with reading letters aloud. You will not be able to read fast enough. Your speed will be slowed down because you think at a higher speed than you talk. As a beginner reader, it is okay if you say the words aloud. With time, however, you need to learn how to read silently to improve your reading speed. The technique of silent reading is quite complex but with time, you will definitely become great at it.

When you speak out loud the words that you read, it is called vocalizing. This is a technique that is however not advisable to skilled and advanced readers as this may slow down their reading speed. If you want to be a speed-reader, you can start by not vocalizing the words you read.

  • Comprehending is Speed Reading

The main reason why we read is to gain knowledge by understanding what we read. To understand better what you read, you have to have a great reading speed, a mastery of vocabulary and you should be interested or have a prior concept on what you are reading about.

Many people do not know this, but when you are a speed reader, you will have an improved comprehension level. This is because in speed reading, you read many words at once and this helps you to understand the meaning of the lines. Another pro of speed reading is that you will increase your vocabulary and your overall knowledge. This will, in turn, increase your reading speed.

  • Visual Concentration is Speed Reading

Whenever you are reading, you are required to pay concentrations to have better comprehension. Speed reading is, however, a form of multitasking. This thus means that you will need to have higher concentration levels. When you are speed reading, you look at the words and read them in your mind while at the same time remaining keen on the subject matter. You should also get into the mind of the author and understand how they have presented their ideas so that you can comprehend whatever you are reading. When speed reading, you have to master the concept of regulating your speed. Know when to read fast, when to slow down and when to skip over the unnecessary details.

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