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Jobs in Turkey Without Experience 2023 – Submit Your Resume CV

Jobs in Turkey Without Experience 2023 – Wondering if you can land a good job in Turkey without any experience? The good news is that there are a lot of wonderful job offerings in Turkey for people who do not have any previous professional experience. This article will talk about the top 5 Turkey jobs that do not require any previous experience.

List of Turkiye Jobs Without Experience

Here is a list of the top 5 Turkish Jobs without experience:

1# Real Estate Agent Jobs in Turkiye

You can work in the real estate industry as an agent without any prior experience. Companies normally do not require any substantial experience for these jobs but there are still demands for good knowledge related to the real estate industry.

Working as a real estate agent does not pose any educational requirements but to do this job, you need to have the stamina to operate in the field for long hours and at times play the waiting game. Some of the top real estate companies hiring Real Estate Agents include the Turkey Real Estate Agency, Imtilak Real Estate Turkey, Realty Group, etc. The average salary for a Real Estate Agent in Turkey is TRY 210,289/year.

2# Caregiver Jobs in Turkiye

Caregivers have to deliver patient care mostly at home. The field has grown because people prefer to get care at home rather than being admitted to hospitals. There are no education or experience requirements for Caregivers. However, you must be able to communicate in the language of the patient and also know the basics of patient care for the delivery of adequate care.

Some of the companies hiring Caregivers in Turkey include GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Great Upair, etc. The average annual salary for a Caregiver in Turkey is estimated at TRY 91,678.

3# Sales Account Representative Jobs in Turkiye

Sales Account Representatives are required to have good convincing skills to persuade the buyers to purchase a certain product/service. A key requirement for a Sales Account Representative is to have good communication skills and a grip on the language that the brand or company requires. Sales Account Representatives can work in an entry-level positions. Due to the communication and language skills required for a Sales Account Representative, some companies require a Bachelor’s degree from the candidates.

The top companies in Turkey that hire Sales Account Representatives include Oyak Renault Turkey, Arcelik Home Appliances, TOFAS Turk Automotive, etc. The average annual salary for a Sales Account Representative in Turkey is TRY 154,153.

4# Customer Service Representative Jobs in Turkiye

Customer Service Representatives are required in every company to deal with the problems of the customers and work toward their satisfaction. The candidates applying for the job of Customer Service Representative must have good communication skills and patience to deal with all kinds of customers. There are no specific education requirements for the job.

Some of the top companies to work in as a Customer Service Representative in Turkey includes CMC Turkey, Vetraco Group, ETB Group, etc. The average annual salary for Customer Service Representatives in Turkey is $8,496.

5# Customer Care Specialist Jobs in Turkiye

Customer Care Specialists are required to work for the satisfaction of businesses to which the company provides services. This is different from Customer Service Representatives who work for the satisfaction of individual customers. However, the attributes required to work as a Customer Care Specialist are similar to those of Customer Service Representatives. However, working as a Customer Care Specialist, you will get a chance to experience a corporate environment.

Some of the top Turkish companies requiring Customer Care Specialists include Alarko Holding, Aksa, Akbank, etc. The average monthly salary for a Customer Care Specialist in Turkey is TRY 5,730.


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