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Turkey Undergrad Scholarship 2023-2024: Turkiye Burslari Scholarship for Undergraduate Program

Turkish Bachelor Degree Scholarship 2023

Turkey Government Scholarship for Undergrad 2023 will be open for online applications from international students from January 10, 2023, to February 20, 2023. Turkey scholarships also are known as Turkiye Burslari Scholarships.

The Turkish scholarship for a bachelor’s degree program is funded by the Turkish ministry of education. This Turkish undergrad scholarship provides a golden opportunity for international students to pursue an education at the best Turkish educational institutions free of cost. The sole purpose of this is to develop friendly relations with foreign countries and to promote peace and companionship.

Turkish scholarship is a tremendous opportunity for students to enhance their talent, gain knowledge, develop skills, and prepare themselves for the competitive world ahead. Gifted understudies who need monetary backing to seek higher instruction can get an advantage from this brilliant opportunity.

This Turkiye Burslari scholarship for undergrad is for international students interested to pursue their bachelor’s degrees in Turkey. International students with extraordinary academic records will also be rewarded as per a separate scholarship policy to make their way easier into the prestigious universities in Turkey.

Turkey Government Scholarship for Undergrad Benefits:

There are many astonishing benefits of this Turkish Government Scholarship for Bachelor Degree Programs which will facilitate international students thorough out their educational trip. Some of the benefits are described below.

#1 Accommodation is Free!

Many top universities around the globe charge pretty pennies to provide accommodation, but one of the best features of having a Turkish scholarship for undergrad is that the students get accommodated to their fullest. The accommodation throughout the educational trip would be free. Free-of-charge housing makes it easier for international students to live as it provides financial relief. All the students would be suited or accommodated in the university dorms.

However, the students are not obliged, and they can live at the place of their own choice, but in that case, students will have to bear the expense of accommodation themselves.

#2 Medical Expenses are sponsored by the Turkish Government!

Medical expenses put a strain on one’s finances and human services specifically, healthcare is a big issue all over the world, especially for an outsider. But as per Turkish scholarship policies, all the medical expenses of students are covered through public health insurance.

Foreign students, who will study in Turkey through the Turkish scholarship program, are taken under the coverage of ‘general health insurance’ to give them equal, qualified, comprehensive, and inclusive health services, which are supplied by the Turkish government.

#3 You will get paid a Monthly Stipend!

The Best thing about a Turkish scholarship for a bachelor’s degree is that it provides a range of benefits that enables a student to study with ease, Monthly stipend is one of them. Stipends are offered to the students to help offset expenses. The monthly stipend scheme for the students is as follows.

      • Monthly stipend for undergrad students: 700 TL ( $103)

#4 Education is free of cost!

Free-of-cost education has become a dream for many students as almost all reputed and esteemed educational institutions all over the world charge a handsome amount of money for providing quality education. High tuition fees make it harder for the underprivileged to study at these institutions due to their financial instability. However, the Turkish scholarship program offers free of cost education for all eligible international students so that they can study at their utmost potential.

#5 You will get to learn the Turkish language!

Turkish is a contemporary and national language of Turkey. Millions of people around the world speak Turkish. Turkish Language training will be mandatory for all international students as it will make their educational trip convenient. The international students who are qualified for the scholarship program and who do not speak Turkish are accorded free Turkish dialect preparation or free Turkish language course for one year.

The language program is for 8 months, and students must secure a C1 level Turkish competency from the sufficiency test. Successful students will continue their education, and unsuccessful students will have an additional time of 3 months to retake the exam. 

If a student fails to meet the criteria for the second time, then his/her scholarship will get suspended for a year, and he/she will have to bear all the expenses.

#6 Your travel expenses will get sponsored!

Traveling from one country to another could cost pretty pennies, and most of international students tend to save money rather than travel frequently. But the Turkish scholarship program even covers the travel expense of the students. The travel expense includes two tickets, one for the student’s arrival in Turkey and one for the student’s departure after completion of the degree program. However, if the student selects to buy his/her ticket by themselves, then the amount equivalent would be returned.

Turkish Government Scholarship for Bachelor Degree Application Process:

The Turkish online application system accepts online applications from all over the world, and eligible students can apply. The deadline for the submission of an online application for the Turkiye Government Scholarship is February 20, 2023. All the willing candidates are advised to read the instructions carefully. Students who fall into the eligibility criteria will be entertained only.

Documents Required to Apply for the Turkish Undergrad Scholarship:

The following documents are required to apply for the Turkey Undergrad Scholarship:

Most of the courses in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some universities offer courses in other languages as well, like English, etc. Applicants who are willing to study these courses will have to prove their language proficiency by submitting an internationally recognized language proficiency certificate.

Eligibility for Turkey Scholarship 2023:

To get selected for the Turkish scholarship program, students must have an impressive academic record. Applicants must have secured sufficient enough grades as per the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergrad (BS) Degree Programs (Turkish Government Scholarship 2023)

    • Bachelor’s degree applicants must have scored at least 70% to fall into the eligibility criteria for the Turkish scholarship program.
    • Bachelor’s degree applicants must not be older than 21 years. If the applicant is above 21 then, He/she will not be eligible for the Turkish scholarship program.
    • The candidate must not be a citizen or ex-citizen of Turkey.

Last Date to Submit Application for Turkey Government Scholarship:

The applications for the Turkey Government Undergrad Scholarship 2023 will be accepted before the deadline of Feb 20, 2023.


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