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How to Write the Study Plan for Turkish Scholarship?

Planning a given duration of time to meet study objectives is called a Study Plan Essay. Thus, a Study Plan is a detailed document with time allocation to academic goals in a specific duration of time.

The study plan makes efforts focused, helps in self-improvement, and maintains a steady approach towards goals.

How to Write the Study Plan for Turkey Scholarship?

To write a good study plan for a Turkey Scholarship, one must include objectives, implementation ways, supported data, challenges, and expected results, financial sketches, and citations of previous supported data.

Study Plan Sections and Formatting

1# Research Objectives

Expectations from a study/research are part of the research objective. It is the main element of a study plan that defines the possible dimensions of a study project.

Research objectives address the research questions, attest to the research hypothesis, and formulate a step-wise plan for research implementation. To write research objectives focus on the study, write steps to follow, and indicate the limitations of the subject of study. To be able to write research steps a vast reading of related previous work is a must-have.

2# Research Challenges

There are both specificities and generalities of any project. The general challenges include science limitations, instrumental errors, human errors, low funding, and poor planning because of ignored previous work. Identification of issues is crucial to plan a good study.

3# Expected Results

A good study plan is one that depicts both the bright and the dark sides of the study. It is unethical to hide the dark side. How much the results can be diverted from the expected positive ones must be enlisted based on the literature review. Enlisting the failures helps in restructuring the study model.

4# Time Allocation to Each Step

A basic research sketch needs time allocation to be called a well-written study plan. Define a realistic timeline to complete the project and from the range allocate time to each step. Do keep in mind the delays, limitations, and emergency defecation of the project for a realistic study plan.

5# Draw the Boundaries to Reach Your Goals / Timeline Creation

Identifying the time zone to complete the whole project is called timeline creation. The previous step laid the foundation of this step for the proper working plan.

6# Literature Review

Literature Review is a formulation of a supporting document on the basis of previous related studies. It supports the study possibilities and identifies the hurdles. It is a key factor to let the concerned personnel trust your study objectives.

7# Enlist Requisites of the Project

What is essential to complete the project within the time allocated? Enlist all including how much money, types of instruments, chemicals, and the supporting literature. It will help you to find the requisites timely to avoid any delays.

8# Realistic Funding Estimates

A realistic estimation of the required finance is essential to get the plan approved. Quote the required amount in your study plan and find a way to get it on time. Scholarships will manage the finance if the plan is selected but if the plan is not for a scholarship application then find the ones with shared benefits from the study.

9# Cite References

Citing References to support your study plan makes it more trustworthy. Cite them by hand or by using good software.

10# Eliminate Mistakes

To eliminate grammar and technical mistakes proofread the study plan by yourself as well as by a language professional and a professional with technical knowledge of the field.


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