Recommendation Letter for Turkey Scholarship 2024 (Editable Template)

Letter of Recommendation for Turkish Scholarship in 2024

Recommendation letter is a crucial document in the application process for the Turkey Government Scholarship. It serve to vouch for a candidate’s academic performance, personal attributes, and potential for future success in their field of study. It provides the scholarship committee with insights into an applicant’s character, diligence, and capacity to excel, beyond what transcripts and resumes can convey.

The recommendation letter should be authored by someone familiar with the applicant’s work, such as a professor or mentor, who can offer specific examples of the applicant’s abilities and accomplishments. To secure a compelling recommendation letter, candidates should select a recommender who knows them well, provide them with necessary background information, discuss their academic objectives, and express gratitude for their assistance. A strong recommendation letter can greatly enhance one’s likelihood of receiving the scholarship.

A letter of recommendation is an official letter written by a teacher or an academic supervisor for recommending their student for the next project, class, admission, or scholarship. It speaks about the most prominent qualities of the student, achievements, and talent, which makes him a strong competitor for the scholarship. Many universities require this letter for scholarship and consider it necessary.

Turkey Scholarships are awarded on the grounds of students’ particular goals and achievements. They are tailored to students exploring a specific field of study. The author of the recommendation letter should also interview the student to know about him keenly and write accordingly.

It raises the chances of acceptance by the scholarship administration. If the issuer of the recommendation letter is aware of the guidelines and terms of the scholarship, he will be able to validate his student’s capabilities more beneficially.

Who to Select for a Recommendation Letter?

Mostly a teacher, professor, lecturer or counselor writes a recommendation letter for students who want to apply for higher education or scholarship. For Turkey scholarship application, it’s best to select a recommender who has a thorough understanding of your academic capabilities and personal character.

Ideally, this should be an academic mentor, such as a professor or advisor, who has directly supervised your work and can attest to your intellectual curiosity, commitment, and potential within your field of study. This individual should also be able to provide specific examples of your achievements, contributions to class or research, and personal growth, thus painting a vivid picture of your suitability for the scholarship.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for Turkey Scholarship Application?

A scholarship letter of recommendation should be 300-500 words approximately. Writing a recommendation letter for a Turkey Scholarship application involves highlighting the applicant’s academic excellence, potential for future success, and personal attributes that align with the scholarship’s values.

Start with a formal introduction, detailing your relationship with the applicant and the duration of your acquaintance. Proceed to describe their specific academic accomplishments, leadership skills, and character traits with concrete examples and comparisons to peers if possible.

Emphasize qualities like resilience, adaptability, and dedication, particularly relevant to the chosen field of study. Conclude with a strong endorsement, reaffirming the applicant’s readiness and suitability for the scholarship, and offer to provide further information if required. Following are the important sections of a nicely written recommendation letter:

1# Letterhead for Recommendation Letter:

The author should write the following information attentively. Start from the  top left-hand corner of the recommendation letter page,

    • Date of composing a recommendation letter
    • Name
    • Title
    • Name of School
    • Street address
    • State, City, and Zip Code
    • Preferred Contact (it’s optional)

2# Introduction Section of Recommendation Letter

Firstly, Introduce the candidate and mention why you wrote the recommendation letter (the state of scholarship). How you relate to the person and do not forget to write your position and qualifications. The introduction should not be more than three are four sentences. Other details of the candidate’s suitability for the scholarship will be explained in the body paragraphs.

Recommendation Letter Example for Scholarship Application:

The scholarship committee,
Contact details.

Professor Name,
Contact details.

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

This recommendation letter is on behalf of my student Ali to recommend him for a Scholarship in Turkey. I am familiar with him for the past two years. I have been his Mathematics teacher at school. He has developed himself under challenging circumstances throughout his studies, he has the determination to achieve his goals, and which gives him a strong recommendation for this scholarship.

In this recommendation letter,  the teacher is writing on behalf of a student. Who is applying for a scholarship in Turkey? He stated why he is recommending his student and for which scholarship. He announced his position and the nature of the relationship with the student and he concludes his recommendation letter on a positive note.

Signature of Professor,
Contact details of Professor.

Below is a customizable template for a recommendation letter written by a professor for an undergraduate student seeking admission to a postgraduate program. You can edit it to suit specific details and achievements of the student:

Editable Recommendation Letter Template for Turkey Scholarship Application

[Your Name],
[Your Position],
[Your Department],
[Your University/Institution],
[University Address],
[City, State, Zip Code],
[Your Email Address],
[Your Phone Number],

[Admission Office’s Name or Specific Person if Known],
[Postgraduate Program’s Name],
[University/Institution’s Name],
[City, State, Zip Code].

Dear [Admissions Committee/Specific Person’s Name],

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend [Student’s Name] for admission to your postgraduate program in [Specific Field or Program]. As [Student’s Name]’s professor in [Relevant Course(s) or Program] at [Your University/Institution], I have had the pleasure of witnessing [his/her/their] remarkable academic journey over the past [number of years/semesters].

[Student’s Name] has consistently demonstrated exceptional abilities in [mention specific academic skills or areas, e.g., critical thinking, research, laboratory work]. For instance, in [a specific project, thesis, or coursework], [he/she/they] showed [specific achievements or qualities, e.g., analytical skills, creativity, diligence]. [His/Her/Their] project on [specific project topic] was particularly noteworthy for its [mention specific qualities, such as depth of research, innovation, impact on the field].

Apart from [his/her/their] academic prowess, [Student’s Name] is also characterized by [mention personal qualities, e.g., leadership, teamwork, resilience]. [Provide an example of a situation where the student demonstrated these qualities, possibly in a group project, seminar, or extracurricular activity]. These attributes, combined with [his/her/their] passion for [specific field or subject], make [him/her/them] an ideal candidate for your program.

I have no doubt that [Student’s Name] will bring the same level of dedication and exceptional intellect to your postgraduate program that [he/she/they] has consistently displayed here at [Your University/Institution]. [He/She/They] has my highest recommendation.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further information or specific examples of [Student’s Name]’s work and achievements.


[Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)],
[Your Typed Name].


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