Motivation Letter for Turkey Scholarship Application

Letter of Motivation for Turkey Government Scholarship

Learn how to write a compelling motivation letter for the Turkish Government Scholarship. A good motivation letter is your only chance to identify yourself as a real person who differs from other applicants. You need to highlight your skills and strengths.

Motivation letters are not necessary for every application, but when they do, they are crucial. If the motivation letter is healthy and sound, this will increase the percentage of your success. So in this article, We are about to teach you how to write an impressive motivation letter for the Turkey scholarship.

What is a Scholarship Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter is a letter that shows the reasons for submitting the scholarship. It is like a cover letter that you may add to your application and resume.

The purpose of a motivation letter is to explain:

  1. What makes you unique and eligible for this scholarship?
  2. What are your plans with this education you are about to receive?

A motivation letter is one of the most deciding fundamentals in any scholarship that students want to offer. It is the first thing that is considered and evaluated. It can make or break your application.

Motivation letters are essential for graduate-level scholarships in Turkey. But if you have the option to write one for the specialty program at the bachelor level with your scholarship application. It can give a compelling impression to the review committee.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship?

Motivation letters are around 500-1000 words, but this does not mean to talk too much about yourself, It is like a 500 words essay, and you must be accurate and balanced without vanity in a way that positively affects your scholarship. So in this guideline, I will show you information and tips about how to write it professionally.

Your motivation letter should include:

  • Major points of your resume
  • Academic background
  • Your future career goals
  • Professional experience

While writing, you should divide it into paragraphs for comfortable reading, and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tailor Your Motivation Letter for the scholarship based on the following recommendations:

  • You should talk about your plans for the future and the personality traits that set you apart from others.
  • Also, talk about your academic achievements, and what makes you different from the rest of the students.
  • You can also address your graduation project (if you are applying for postgraduate scholarships ), and tell what you have learned from this experience.
  • List the awards you have won or previous scholarships you have earned.
  • Talk about your work experience while studying.
  • List extracurricular activities you earlier engaged in, such as volunteer and community work, seminars and conferences you attended, workshops, and travel opportunities (if they were for study, training or gaining specific experience).
  • In your speech, demonstrate your creativity, self-confidence, and reliability in different circumstances.

Scholarship Motivation Letter structure

There are three main elements of a motivation letter.

  • An introduction
  • Three-body paragraphs
  • A conclusion

Example of a Motivation Letter for Scholarship:

Subject: Motivation letter for Turkey scholarship

Dear Sir/Madam

I want to express my gratitude to (University name) for this program. With this letter, I would like to apply for the Master program in  (Subject name)  at  (University name) university for the session 2019/20

I appreciate this special opportunity to introduce myself. My name is (your name). I have finished my bachelor studies in (your subjects) as I always had an interest and passion for (your main subject).

While I was a student of bachelor, I always had this possibility in my mind. I never wanted to miss the opportunity. It is because of the valuable resources and highly qualified education offered by this university. This opportunity will help me to increase my knowledge to an expert level. Moreover, It is a great privilege to be around highly competent students from all around the world, who are desperate to improve the world. It will also give me a chance to learn more about the culture of various countries and how we can make this world a better place by serving humankind.

I have chosen a subject that combines both the arts and sciences. It empowers the students to express themselves through interpretation and analysis. I have much interest in it because it goes in perfectly with my career aims. I always feel motivated to learn more about (your subject), and I have decided to continue my studies on this subject.

On the other hand, I want to arm myself with the skills and capabilities that are required to lead and inspire. After earning a (your subject) degree, I aspire to return to my country to apply the experiences I gained during my study experience in Turkey. With my education, I can help people get what they need, giving them the best chance of finding their success. I have always dreamt of improving the quality of life for countless families to come. While as a student of bachelor, I served as a volunteer for an organization to help (Organization objectives). So, I want to contribute to the disadvantaged population in my country. The first project I want to accomplish is the establishment of a (your plan according to your subject). I aim to enable low-income people to receive affordable attention regardless of their background. I am always keen to get involved in helping others.

I am applying after carefully examining the course curriculum, and I would like to get an opportunity to attend this program. I am aware of the high investment of efforts I will have to place to fulfill my dream. I realize I have to work to serve the country when I’m returning to it. I understand, This scholarship is attracting highly competent and motivated students, but I consider I have the determination to achieve my goals, and it gives me a strong recommendation. It will be a great courtesy if you decide to accept my candidateship for Master’s studies.

Name and Surname of the Applicant.


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