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Forbes list of 52 Colleges without Application Fees

List of Colleges with No Application Fees

Many people believe that all top-ranking universities require application fees. This is however not the case as there are a lot of top-ranking colleges that do not charge application fees in the 2021-2022 admission session. The major hurdle that students face is not meeting their tuition fees but also paying for application fees.

Most of the colleges charge an application fee of around $75. There is a significant number of students who are not able to pay for these application fees and they end up looking for other options such as a scholarship or the colleges without application fees.

As we realize that applying for college is a hard task, we have made the work easier for you by giving you a list of colleges that do not charge application fees. Some of these colleges even offer full scholarships to students. One con of applying for a college that pays application fees is that your application may be rejected and your application fees will not be refunded. The reason as to why application fees are demanded by some colleges is the fact that they do not want to receive a lot of applications. Application fees for colleges rise every year and many learners end up unable to even meet the application amount.

However, the situations where application fees are heightened do not always feature in every college. This is why it is always advisable to express interest in colleges where increment in application fees does not feature. There are certain institutions of higher learning where which make it known that they will not be asking for an application fee from students who intend to apply for admission via the provisional online portal. To this point, students can choose whether to apply in high-end colleges without having to worry about application charges. One platform is designed like a portal that receives applications set over the internet. There are no application charges required if the student applicant is asking their application online for the below-listed colleges.

After evaluating the highest-ranking colleges in America, the scholarship fellow union came up with a list of colleges that do not require application fees in this respect. However, it is highly advisable that prospective applicants visit DoMyAssignments as a means to get assistance for when school assignments become confusing.

There exists up to 52 high ranking colleges in the Forbes list where application fees is not required. All these colleges exempt the application fee if you apply using the common app online portal. The list is as follows:

  1. Grinnell College– ranks #58
  2. Reed College– ranks #49
  3. Smith college– ranks #49
  4. Kenyon college– ranks # 42
  5. Colby college– ranks #39
  6. Wellesley college– ranks #29
  7. Carleton college– ranks #16
  8. Thomas Aquinas college– ranks #16
  9. Yale University– Ranks #6 with a waiver existing on the application fee
  10. University of Louisiana, Tulane– ranks #15 with a $25 application fee active from 2019
  11. Union college– ranks #57
  12. Centre college– ranks #81
  13. Bryn Mawr college– ranks #65
  14. Earlham college– ranks #91
  15. University of South, Sewanee– ranks #98
  16. College St. Olaf– ranks #109
  17. Mount Holyoke college– ranks #97
  18. Rhodes college– ranks #93
  19. Denison University– ranks #95
  20. The Depauw University– ranks #92
  21. Ursinus college– ranks #193
  22. South western university– ranks #197
  23. The Transylvania university– ranks #184
  24. SLU- Saint Louis University– ranks #191
  25. Hills Dale college– ranks #178
  26. Beloit college– ranks #165
  27. Hamden Sydney college– ranks #171
  28. St. John’s college-ranks #162
  29. Creighton University– ranks #156
  30. Hobart William Smith college– ranks #160
  31. Illinois Wesleyan University
  32. The University of St. Thomas Minnesota
  33. United States Merchant marine Academy
  34. Luther College
  35. United States Military Academy at West Point
  36. Tulane University
  37. Michigan technological University
  38. Lawrence university
  39. Gustavus Adolphus college
  40. Oberlin college
  41. New Mexico Military Institute
  42. University of Dayton
  43. Hendrix college– ranks #152
  44. Drake university– ranks #143
  45. Ohio Wesleyan university– ranks #145
  46. Presbyterian college– ranks #142
  47. Juniata college– ranks #133
  48. Wooster college– ranks #136
  49. Trinity University– ranks #132
  50. Clark and Lewis college– ranks #115
  51. The case Western Reserve University– ranks #127
  52. The Hampshire college– ranks #110

In the event that you successfully send your application in your college of choice, read this article as a means to gain a understanding of how the College rules apply for students. In the event that you dim it fit to identify a college where there is no tuition, know that they do exist and you will be able to study at no costs whatsoever. A great majority of such colleges where tuition fee is not applicable are located in the smartest states in America. The rate of literacy score for individual American state gives a definite reflection of the quality of education, which is given in the state under consideration, information critical for college selection.


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