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Turkey Scholarship Calendar 2022 – Turkiye Burslari 2022 Application Calendar and Results

Application Calendar of Turkey Government Scholarship 2022

Worried about getting updates on all Turkish Scholarships in 2022?

Well, we have got you covered and created this table which contains the opening and closing dates of all Turkish Scholarships for the batch of 2022-2023.

Following is the Turkey Scholarship Application calendar for the academic year 2022-2023 for all international students. It must be noted that international students are allowed to apply for the Turkey Government Scholarship (Turkiye Burslari) programs of undergraduate, graduation, short and long term courses, and research-based Turkish Scholarship as per the following application opening and closing dates and result in the announcement for the academic year 2022-2023:

2022 Turkey Scholarship for Research Application Calendar

Turkey Scholarship Type Timeline Dates Category
Research Scholarships 1st Period Applications Open Jan 10, 2022 Applications
1st Period Applications Close 20 Feb 2022 Applications
1st Period Announcement of Results April 2022 Results
2nd  Period Applications Open 1 April 2022 Applications
2nd  Period Applications Close 30 June 2022 Applications
2nd  Period Announcement of Results July 2022 Results
3rd  Period Applications Open 1 July 2022 Applications
3rd  Period Applications Close 30 Sep 2022 Applications
3rd  Period Announcement of Results October 2022 Results
4th  Period Applications Open 1 October 2022 Applications
4th  Period Applications Close 31 Dec 2022 Applications
4th  Period Announcement of Results January 2023 Results

2022 Turkey Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarship Application Calendar

Scholarship Program Timeline Dates Category
Applications Open January 10, 2022 Application opening
Applications Close February 20, 2022 Application deadline
Evaluation Process February – May 2022 Evaluation of application
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships Interview Period March – June 2022 Scheduled interviews
Announcement of Results July 2022 Results announcement
Agreement sign for accepting Turkey Scholarship offer & VISA Application process July – August 2022 Process of application
Fly to Turkey and begin the academic journey in Turkish Universities on fully funded Turkiye Burslari Scholarship 10 – 20 September 2022* Start of 2022 academic year studies

2022-2023 Turkey Success Scholarship Application Calendar

Scholarship Program Timeline Dates Category
Applications Begin October 2022 Applications invited
Turkey Success Scholarships Applications Deadline November 2022 Applications closing
Evaluation of Applications November – December 2022 Evaluation process
Announcement of Results December 2022 Results announcement

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